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Models of infrared saunas

Ceramic radiators by the company Salamander are characterized by as low power requirement as possible and very fast heating up. Adjustable infrared warmth (between 20-80°C) spreads evenly from the ceramic radiator and surrounds the body with a pleasant atmosphere of peace. Infrared saunas have the certificates CE, ÖVB, TÜVGS, SZÚ approval and they not only gained a certificate for not being harmful, but also have proven therapeutic effects.
Infrared sauna can be made of northern spruce (bench alder or lime wood) or cedar wood (bench cedar or alder).
Door made of safety glass, smoked.
Digital control of infrared sauna can be inside or outside the cubicle.



Dimensions: 1850x1133x2000 mm
Power: 2740 W
Type of radiators: ceramic
Number of radiators: 14
Number of people: for 4 persons

Price incl. VAT:

Finishes: spruce outside / spruce inside: 4114,- € *
4329,- € **
Finishes: spruce / cedar combination: 5221,- € *
5493,- € **
Finishes: cedar outside / cedar inside: 5822,- € *
6126,- € **

*  The above stated price is EXW and includes 15% VAT
** The above stated price is EXW and includes 21% VAT

Reduced VAT rate applies for home use and for flats and houses for social housing (total floor area max. 120 m2 for flats and 350 m2 for houses)


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