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Models of infrared saunas

Infrared sauna with carbon panel heaters (operating temperature: 30-60°C) and with medicinal tourmaline stones (hot stones creates pyroelectric effect which has a beneficial effect on the body).
Infrared sauna is also equipped with inside/outside digital control panels, inside reading light, CD/Radio/MP3 player with remote control, oxygen ionizer, color therapy light with remote control, tempered clear glass door (6 mm thickness) with wooden handle, bench and floor heaters and ventilation.



Dimensions: 1200x1050x1900 mm
Power and voltage: 1920 W, 220V/50Hz
Type of radiators: carbon
Number of radiators: 8
Number of people: for 2 persons

Price incl. VAT:

externally varnished
light or dark outdoor performance:
1680,- € *
1767,- € **

*  The above stated price is EXW and includes 15% VAT
** The above stated price is EXW and includes 21% VAT

Reduced VAT rate applies for home use and for flats and houses for social housing (total floor area max. 120 m2 for flats and 350 m2 for houses)


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